How to Join

Volunteering at ReadWest a few hours a week can change lives. Teaching someone to read can be the most satisfying donation you will ever experience.

Why Become a ReadWest Tutor? Am I Really Qualified?

ReadWest tutors are part of an elite family of volunteers who are appreciated and valued by ReadWest staff and students. No teaching experience or foreign language knowledge is necessary.

ReadWest staff provides free continuing education, a variety of tutoring materials, and personal assistance.

At ReadWest, the most important donation we receive is your time. If you read well and have the patience to teach others, please consider setting aside some time to help others learn to read or teach someone how to speak English as their second language.

This kind of donation is different than most as you are giving your student the tools to improve their lives. So many students are willing to do the work in order to get ahead in life. They need patient, caring tutors to help them on the path. Teaching someone to read can be the most satisfying donation you will ever experience.

Becoming a Volunteer Tutor – Quick Info

Tutor training is free; however, there is a $25.00 donation for your Tutor Manual or $30 for training manuals that must be mailed.

It begins with an orientation that will be sent to you after receiving your application. ReadWest conducts background checks on all participants involved in the program.

Training is offered in a hybrid platform. Volunteers may join the training in person or online. All trainings are held on Saturdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm and dates are subject to change.

Two types of Tutor Training are offered:
Basic Literacy (BL) – teaching adults to read and write and/or prepare for the GED.
English as a Second Language (ESL) – teaching adults to speak English as their second language. No foreign language experience necessary.

Once trained, ReadWest will match you with an adult student to meet in a public place once a week for 2 hours. ReadWest supplies you with information about the student, arranges your first meeting and provides support to both tutor and student throughout the match.

For more information about volunteer training, please complete the form linked below and someone from ReadWest will follow up with you.

What To Expect

Tutor Application

Tutor Orientation

Tutor Training

Match With Student

Start Changing Lives