In this writing, I would like to tell you about my experience in ReadWest.  My name is Louise, I’m from Cameroon.  I arrived in New Mexico, in the city of Albuquerque where my daughter, her husband and their three children are living.  I’m currently at ReadWest, where I’m learning English.  I had to learn English because I wanted to communicate easily with my grandchildren, to know about history geography, culture and American’s traditions.  At least, I wanted to learn English for better integration in the society.  Then, I asked my friend where I could learn English.  She took me at ReadWest and my adventure started after my registration in September of 2019.

After the English test, the Director gave me two classes and a tutor.  My first class was with Mr. Ron.  We were about twenty-three students, coming from different parts of the world.  There were Chinese, Japanese, Cameroonians, Mexicans, Russians, Germans and others.  We had two hours of class.  The lessons were about reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar.  Mr. Ron is a good teacher because he takes a time to explain or to answer all the questions from the students.  The students are very nice to me.

I had also pronunciation class with Mrs. Kate for two hours.  That class was very important for me because my accent was not good.  Mrs. Marge was my tutor.  We had two hours of class.  She helped me to read, and to understand the meaning of the words.  We used to read children books, and I was able to read about my driving lessons.  She was my tutor and my friend.

Since the arrival of corona virus, I do zoom class or face to face class.  And I continue to learn with Mr. Ron.

Since I have been a student in ReadWest, my English has improved a lot.  Now, I’m able to communicate with my grandchildren., to read them a story before bed time.  I can go to my appointment at hospital without being assisted by my daughter or without asking for a translator.  ReadWest helped me to watch movies in English.  I was also able to pass my writing test of the driver license.

My experience in ReadWest has been very beneficial to me.  With the knowledge I acquired there, I intend to look for a job or to enroll in a school or program to have a diploma which can be helpful for me.

I would like to say thanks to all the staff at ReadWest, and long lives to ReadWest.

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