Raquel Trevino, ReadWest Student, Becomes a US Citizen

ReadWest Student Raquel

Raquel Trevino recently became a US Citizen. Raquel, originally from El Salvador has lived in the USA for 20 years. She had been attending classes at ReadWest for two years. Rosario Fallios met with Raquel pre-pandemic to improve her English communication and literacy skills. Once the pandemic hit, Raquel attended ReadWest’s online Zoom classes from…

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Graduating from the School of Hard Knocks

Terrell boxing pic

                      Terrell moved from Michigan to New Mexico, just 10 credits shy of graduating. “I was too embarrassed to enroll in a new school for one semester. So I dropped out.” Ten years went by. After a few years in the school of hard knocks,…

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Marisol Romero’s Speech at the Spaghetti Dinner

Cyndy, Marisol, and Lynn celebrate Marisol's US citizenship.

Thank you, Muncie, for inviting me to speak tonight. This is the 30th anniversary of ReadWest, and for me, it is an honor to be here talking with you. All these wonderful people from ReadWest has helped me to fulfill everything I have done so far. I know that I worked hard to achieve all these…

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A Lost Debit Card Leads to a Success Story

photo of debit card

By Muncie Hansen, Executive Director I recently had a wonderful experience. I had lost my debit card and called to cancel it and order a new one. However, I couldn’t answer the security questions, so I decided to talk to a human being at the bank. After a 10 minute wait, I was greeted by…

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