My Story.
I wish to share with you my testimonies about ReadWest. I am Alma and am from the city of Tijuana, in Mexico. Currently, I belong to ReadWest Learning English Center. I have been studying here for two months, only in person.

In 2014 I decided to take a course named TOEFL, because I wanted to apply to one of the dental schools in the USA. Since then, I am always interested in continuing to practice my English because I never stop learning. We always find something new in the review of learning.

In 2001, I arrived in NM because my ex-husband relocated here to work as a Geriatrician and in that time, I had planned to apply to the D.I. Program at UNM. But I changed my mind when my two family members passed away in 2003. And in that time, I had 2 small children (4 years old and 7years). A friend told me about this course in ReadWest and I am very satisfied that the place is a challenge for me and is located very near to my residency. To sum up, I feel like at this season of my life, I can be more concentrated in my classes because I don’t have small children to care for and over all this ReadWest program is free of charge and I don’t have the pressure to learn to pass a test to pursue my career. All the staff and instructors at ReadWest are very attentive, enthusiastic, smiling and relaxed. I am glad I found a place like this, especially one only 5 minutes to my house, although sometimes arriving 5 minutes late.

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