I want to tell you about my experiences with ReadWest. My name is Mireya and I am from the city of H. Matamoros, Tamaulipas in Mexico. Presently I am a student at Read West learning English. I have been a student here for two weeks, both in person and through Zoom.

When I was old enough, I decided to immigrate to the United States. I first arrived in Brownsville, Texas and decided to visit New Mexico. I had heard of a quiet place with many job opportunities and that it was called the land of enchantment. And I was curious to learn more about the places of the state. I made the decision to live in Rio Rancho because it is a quiet city. I like quiet cities.

When I was in Mexico, I would watch American movies but I didn’t understand much English. When I got here, I wanted to get a job but it was difficult since I could not speak the language. Most of the schools teaching English are very expensive but then my clinical navigator told me about ReadWest six years ago, I remembered and looked for the address. I have been attending classes now for three weeks.

I enjoy my classes and feel I am making progress. I especially enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world. Together we help each other develop our language skills.

The classes are interesting and I can see that I am making progress. Today I can speak a little English. I came to the United States to start a new life. Of course, I miss my family and home H. Matamoros, especially the food. Because of the English course I am taking at ReadWest, I have a chance to make a better life for myself. And while learning a new language is a challenge, it is also a lot of fun.

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