Hi, my friends call me K.C. I have been a student at ReadWest Adult Literacy for about three years. I take English classes, computer literacy classes, and I have a tutor. I am originally from Taiwan but was married to a Taiwanese American. So, I immigrated to the United States and have lived here for many years now.

When I came to the US, I was a stay-at-home mom, taking care of my family and raising two sons. After they were grown up and they moved to other states, I started to think about doing something for myself. One day, my friend introduced me to ReadWest.

When I began at ReadWest, I tried not to miss any classes and to do my best to improve my English. I use every chance to talk to people and ask more questions. I have improved my English a lot.

ReadWest teachers helped me become a U.S. Citizen and rebuilt my confidence so I could apply for my first job. Thanks to all my teachers and staff for their help. More important, I have my social life back. I have made friends from other countries, and I learned more about American culture.

For the future, I still have many things to study and learn. I would like to improve my spelling, writing, and reading comprehension, so I can apply for better jobs. I always say, “the classes are my happy hours.”

I really appreciate how ReadWest has helped me change my life. I will tell more people to come to ReadWest because they care about us and our success.

Thank you,

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