Meet Monday is where we introduce some of the people who help make ReadWest, Inc. possible from staff to board members to tutors and other volunteers.


Cyndy Ratliff is the Program Coordinator for ReadWest, Inc. She has been with ReadWest since July 2013. She wears many hats. Cyndy organizes, advertises, hosts and conducts all tutor orientation. She also matches tutors to adult learners and follows up on matches to ensure that they are successful. Cyndy provides intake for new adult learners and assists the Executive Director with some projects. She also helps onboard volunteers for the office and library, maintains Laces (Database), and helps as needed with maintenance on the building, which sometimes includes hunting mischievous raccoons. Ask her about it sometime!

If you get the opportunity to visit her in person at ReadWest, you will quickly see that she is a huge Star Wars fans.

Reading Habits: Recently finished The Hunger Games Trilogy. Also enjoys biographies of people from all walks of life and sci-fi books. (You already guessed that last one, didn’t you?)

Why ReadWest?

“I support ReadWest because we are making a difference that will last generations. I believe adult literacy is important because I come from a long line of farm and ranch workers that were not allowed the opportunity to be formally educated.  So instead of working smarter, they worked harder and their bodies give out long before their minds did.”

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